When it comes to choosing new flooring, there are many factors to consider, from price and durability to appearance and safety. However, with the impact of climate change worsening year-on-year, everyone within the flooring industry, including designers, manufacturers, and customers, has a moral duty to choose eco-friendly solutions that minimise harm to the environment.

Epoxy resin, which has many advantages over other types of flooring, is renowned for its aesthetic qualities, resistance to wear, and tolerance in hot or humid environments. In this article, we’ll explain why it is also an eco-friendly option and, therefore, should be your first-choice for your next domestic, commercial, or industrial flooring project.

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No Harmful Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are harmful gases that are released from some liquids and solids during manufacture and installation, can have detrimental effects on both human health and the environment. Many traditional flooring materials contain high levels of VOCs so, after installation, off-gassing is required to thoroughly ventilate the area until the gases have dissipated to reduce the risk of respiratory issues. Many modern epoxy resins, however, are almost 100 per cent free from VOCs, making these floors a safer and more environmentally conscious choice.

Suitable For Recycling

Another benefit of epoxy resin floors is their suitability for recycling at the end of their lifespan. Although it is non-biodegradable, an epoxy resin floor that reaches the end of its life can be easily recycled and reused as a base for new epoxy flooring. This closed-loop recycling process significantly reduces the amount of waste generated when laying new floors and protects the environment by minimising the volume of emissions that are produced during the manufacturing of new material.

Energy Efficiency

Epoxy resin floors are renowned for their reflective properties which can significantly reduce the need for artificial lighting in buildings. Consequently, home or business owners will need to rely less on internal lighting in low-light conditions, lowering their energy bills and reducing the carbon footprint associated with energy production. Also, epoxy floors provide effective thermal insulation, so it is easier to maintain a stable room temperature, thereby cutting the costs of heating and air conditioning.

Unrivalled Longevity

Unlike other flooring options that require frequent replacement, particularly in areas of high footfall or where heavy machinery is used, epoxy floors boast an exceptional life expectancy of around 40 years or more when properly installed and maintained. An extended lifespan means less waste is generated from replacements, fewer resources are consumed in the manufacture of new flooring, and less harmful emissions are emitted during production and transportation.

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By choosing epoxy flooring for your home or business, you will not only invest in a durable and visually appealing solution but also play an important role in promoting sustainability and minimising the environmental impact.

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