Commercial resin flooring allowing the art on the walls to stand out in a museum.

Why Resin Flooring Is The Best Option For Museums

Museums help to satisfy people’s natural curiosity about the world and its social, cultural, and religious history, and most rely on a steady stream of visitors to ensure that precious artefacts can be sensitively cared for. Visitor numbers to the UK’s museums are consistently high, ranging from thousands to millions each year, which introduces challenges in terms of maintenance, particularly to floor surfaces.

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Resin flooring contractor and client shaking hands after closing a deal

What To Ask Before Choosing A Contractor For Your Resin Flooring

When you’re choosing a contractor to lay industrial resin flooring, there are many tried-and-tested things you can do to make an informed decision. Recommendations, testimonials, and photographs of completed projects all tell their own story, but speaking personally to the contractor – and asking the right questions – can give you greater confidence that you’re investing your business’s money wisely.

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Resin driveway with texture and colours for a unique finish

How To Make Your Resin Driveway Stand Out From The Crowd

Resin driveways are a popular and superior alternative to traditional drives, such as loose gravel, cobbles, or tarmac, offering a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surface that is highly resistant to weed growth and staining. With the right creative touches, your resin driveway can blend exceptional functionality with eye-catching aesthetics, making it a powerful marketing tool that sets your business or organisation apart from its competitors.

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A customer's new driveway to their house after choosing resin over cement screed flooring.

Easy Maintenance Tips You Need To Know Before Getting A Resin Driveway

Resin driveways are still comparatively rare in the UK, but a growing number of homeowners are getting wise to their long-term benefits as an alternative to concrete, gravel, pebble driveways, or paving. Investing in a resin driveway will save you significant time in repairs and maintenance – saving you hundreds of hours of work (and £££££s in contractor fees) – and will keep looking good year after year, regardless of the effects of weather, sun, and usage. Here are a few handy tips for keeping your resin driveway looking at its best:

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An epoxy screed floor being laid by an installer in a warehouse who is comparing the differences between this and a concrete floor.

Screed All About It: Concrete Vs. Epoxy Resin Screed Flooring

When a business is looking for a hard-wearing, no-nonsense commercial flooring solution, there is normally only one option that comes to mind – concrete. Concrete flooring is renowned for its strength and allows businesses to lay down a tough and damage-resistant floor for a modest cost over large surface areas. However, concrete isn’t without its drawbacks, and a growing number of businesses are now turning to epoxy resin screed flooring as an alternative to traditional concrete. In this article, we’ll explore the main differences between concrete and epoxy resin screed flooring to help you determine the best option for your needs.

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A car garage workshop that went with resin flooring for their business which is perfect for this industry.

Rev Up Your Workshop: What Makes A Great Car Garage Floor

What characteristics make a great car workshop floor? For starters it needs to be strong enough to stand up to the movement of vehicles and heavy machinery. Then it needs to be easy to clean. It also needs to be safe for vehicles and employees without causing a slip hazard – and it needs to be resistant to oil, fuel, and brake fluid so that it doesn’t damage the surface.

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