A growing roster of businesses are waking up to the benefits of resin flooring as an alternative to poured concrete – in warehouses, supermarket shop floors, and even offices. To serve this need is an equally diverse roster of resin flooring installers and suppliers, with varying levels of experience, price points, and quality. A growing sector brings greater choice, but also the need for discernment when choosing the right supplier to meet your needs. So that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article; the main factors to consider when selecting a resin flooring installation company!

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Experience In Commercial Resin Flooring Installations

Resin floor systems are enjoying a renaissance among domestic customers as well as businesses, so the first thing to look for is experience in commercial installations. There is a big difference from the domestic market in terms of size, customisation, price, and even the products used. You’ll want a supplier who can offer you experience-driven insights into the most suitable flooring products for your needs, and how to manage the implementation with minimum disruption to your business. Also look for businesses who take on similar sized projects in your sector.

Proof Of Their Work

Choose a company with demonstrable knowledge and experience with various types of commercial resin flooring systems, and with a track record with similar projects to yours in the past. Pictures, videos, and case studies from past projects are essential for establishing credibility. See what you can find on Instagram, Facebook, and the company website, and don’t be shy to ask for more details if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Most established companies will have an extensive portfolio they’ll be only too happy to share.

Diverse Product Range

Some flooring installers are tied to a specific vendor as approved partners, and some are independent, offering a range of products. A vendor-specific company may have more expertise and experience with that particular product. However, in our experience, a diverse range of resin flooring options and systems is a big plus for customers because it gives them more choice. When you talk to a vendor-specific company, they’ll be explaining to you how their product meets your needs, squeezing your requirements into what they already offer, whereas an independent supplier will be placing your needs first and helping you select the most appropriate product.

Of course, choice only matters if it can help you achieve your desired outcomes, but having a variety of quality partners and vendors to choose from can make it easier to select the most suitable flooring system for your requirements.

Reputation And Reviews

Online reviews are a great way of assessing any service provider, so take a look at the testimonials on the business website, and check Google and social media for feedback into their professionalism and customer service. Online reviews are always a mixed bag and not always objective, so narrow your search to focus on how the supplier communicates, how prompt they are with responses, and how they address concerns or service issues.

Next Steps

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