There are various options for businesses when choosing the best flooring for high traffic areas. Among these, industrial epoxy resin flooring stands out as a well-rounded and cost-effective choice thanks to its exceptional durability, adaptability to different spaces, customisation options, and safety features. In this article, we’ll look at the question in more depth, explaining why epoxy flooring is a great option for businesses dealing with heavy footfall, traffic, and demanding environments.

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Strength And Durability

When professionally installed and maintained, epoxy resin floor installations can last a minimum of 10 to 20 years. Okay, other flooring contractors may have told you that a poured concrete floor could last 20 to 30 years? In some cases, yes, but that’s an upper limit with constant maintenance and partial replacement, and this isn’t usually the case for high traffic warehouses and production areas. A resin floor will hold its own against all types of heavy traffic, in retail shop floors, factories, and warehouses, and you can lengthen your expected lifespan by increasing the thickness of the floor screed, and basic maintenance. This durability translates directly into cost savings over time, without the need to frequently repair or replace your floor.


Another important advantage of industrial epoxy resin flooring is its versatility for different spaces. Rather than needing several different floors for different parts of your facility, epoxy resin is adaptable to various applications. Whether in the warehouse, vehicle loading bay, or back office, epoxy flooring systems can be customised to handle the demands of various environments. It’s impact resistance, chemical resistance, and ability to withstand heavy machinery without so much as a dint make it particularly well suited for heavy commercial and industrial uses.


Epoxy flooring is not only supremely functional but also customisable to your brand and customers. This lets you tailor your system to the needs of your area without having to apply external paint or signage. Whether you need different coloured areas for walkways and storage spaces or would like your floor to include your brand colours or logo, an epoxy resin floor installation can be tailored to meet your functional and style preferences.

Easy Installations

A resin floor system isn’t quite a matter of pouring resin over your surface and allowing it to set, but it’s close. The process of epoxy resin floor installation includes several steps to create a strong and long-lasting finish. Initially, the underlying substrate must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared, repairing any cracks or holes and grinding the surface down to create a rough texture for perfect adhesion. Next, your epoxy resin and hardener are mixed and applied to the surface in multiple layers, with each layer being allowed to cure before the next one is applied. This gives you a seamless, high gloss finish. An industrial resin floor should be usable in days or weeks, rather than weeks or months, minimising downtime for your business. Additional safety treatments are available to improve the slip resistance of your floor and its hygiene rating, if required.

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