If you’re looking for a new flooring system for your school, what are the leading choices? Probably carpet tiles for classrooms, vinyl for walkways, rubber for your dining hall and sports areas, and maybe laminate, linoleum or even ceramic tiles for your front of house and reception. In other words, there’s not just one type of flooring for schools, there are several, depending on where the flooring is needed.

What about epoxy floorings for schools? In this article, we’ll explain why resin flooring is the optimal choice for many schools, giving you the flexibility to adapt a single system to areas as diverse as the school kitchen, science labs, toilets, and classrooms.

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A Hygienic Choice: Bacteria And Germ Resistant

Why do our kids always bring colds and bugs home with them? Because schools are bustling environments full of children eating food, bringing in dirt from outside, picking noses, painting, and generally getting their hands dirty. You don’t need us to explain to you how difficult it can be to maintain high hygiene standards in educational spaces!

Resin flooring stands out as an excellent choice for schools because it does not harbour or absorb bacteria. Unlike conventional flooring options that may have seams between tiles and rolls of linoleum, or grout lines where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, resin flooring presents a seamless and nonporous surface. This minimises the risk of contamination and makes cleaning much cheaper and more effective. Schools that implement resin flooring find it easier to sustain a healthier and cleaner environment for students and staff, reducing the likelihood of illnesses spreading through the facility.

Built To Last: Long Lifespan And Durability

School flooring systems experience a lot of wear and tear, from scratches to scuffs from shoes. So, another plus point for resin flooring is its exceptional durability under duress. A treated resin floor will be strongly resistant to chips, cracks, scratches, and other wear and tear, saving you considerable money on maintenance and replacement over time, while sustaining its attractive appearance.

Slip Resistant: Improving Safety In Schools

Most of us still have scars from scuffed knees and grazed elbows we picked up in schools, and that’s because accidents are difficult to avoid with large numbers of pupils moving quickly through classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and common areas. Untreated resin is like glass, smooth and slippery. However, it’s easy to treat resin flooring to become extremely slip resistant, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents in your school.

This is a particularly useful asset in areas prone to spillages, including toilets, changing rooms, and eating areas. The anti-slip coating increases friction on the floor surface, reducing slip hazards even in the presence of fluids.

Simple Cleaning And Maintenance

In a busy school environment, it’s essential for flooring to be quick and easy to clean, without costing a fortune in time and chemicals. Resin flooring delivers ease and efficiency in both cleaning and upkeep: its seamless surface prevents dust and dirt from becoming trapped, making routine cleaning easier and more straightforward. Resin is also easier to maintain. Unlike other materials that may require polishing, waxing, or repairs, a resin floor can be made to gleam like new with minimal effort.

This low maintenance profile can save time in your daily clean and make your periodic deep cleans less time-consuming and intensive.

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