A new driveway is a considerable investment, so it’s always disheartening when within a few short months, tiles begin to come loose, algae creeps over the grouting, and weeds begin to spring up out of minute gaps.

What if there was a flooring system that was impervious to the onslaught of the British weather? Well, look no further than a resin floor driveway.

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What Is A Resin Floor Driveway?

You may have heard of epoxy resin being used as a flooring surface in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, as well as business locations like warehouses? A resin floor driveway adapts the same principles and technology to outdoor use. Sometimes also known as a resin-bound driveway, the surface of a resin driveway is made from a mixture of epoxy resin and aggregates, to create a smooth but durable and visually attractive surface for domestic driveways and patios.

The surface is created by blending natural aggregate stones with a clear resin, which is laid onto an existing driveway base (usually concrete). So your resin driveway won’t look like the entrance to an aircraft hangar – it will appear like an attractive gravel drive. The resin bound system is also designed to be porous enough to allow water to drain through, reducing the risk of puddles and floods.

At the same time, you have the near legendary durability of resin, with a strong resistance to wear and tear and the impact of feet and car tyres. You can also customise your resin driveway with a colour and finish of your choice, to complement the style of your property and garden. For many homeowners, their resin driveway investment repays them in its low maintenance – just the occasional spray down to keep it looking its best, without any need to weed or replace grouting.

The Million-Dollar Question: Is Resin Weather Resistant?

Yes. Compared to gravel and patio driveways, a resin driveway is extremely weatherproof. To start with, the surface is flexible enough to accommodate the expansion and contraction caused by freezing and thawing cycles, which avoids cracks appearing in cold weather. Your aggregates won’t get displaced or blown away by wind and heavy rain. Even flooding would leave your driveway pretty much untouched. Outdoor-grade resins are also designed to handle a wide range of temperatures without softening in the summer, and some have UV inhibitors to stop them from fading or yellowing when exposed to sunlight.

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