An epoxy screed floor being laid by an installer in a warehouse who is comparing the differences between this and a concrete floor.

Screed All About It: Concrete Vs. Epoxy Resin Screed Flooring

When a business is looking for a hard-wearing, no-nonsense commercial flooring solution, there is normally only one option that comes to mind – concrete. Concrete flooring is renowned for its strength and allows businesses to lay down a tough and damage-resistant floor for a modest cost over large surface areas. However, concrete isn’t without its drawbacks, and a growing number of businesses are now turning to epoxy resin screed flooring as an alternative to traditional concrete. In this article, we’ll explore the main differences between concrete and epoxy resin screed flooring to help you determine the best option for your needs.

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A dog and dog trainer playing on a yellow resin floor in a dog kennel.

Puppy Proofing Your Kennel: The Perfect Floor For Your Dog Kennel

Not even the most ardent dog lover will suggest that their canine friends are anything other than messy. As much as we love our dogs, there’s no getting around the mud tracked in from dirty paws, the unmentionables rolled in on the field, the waste products, and the drinks, water bowls, and food items upset by excitedly wagging tails. Dogs are messy animals, and especially so when they are puppies.

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A blue and glossy epoxy floor in a lab in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Prescription For Success: Epoxy Flooring for Pharmaceutical Use

Epoxy flooring is a natural fit for the pharmaceutical industry, making it easier for production facilities to maintain the hygiene standards necessary to ensure the quality of their products. In pharmaceutical production, cleanliness, as they say, ‘is next to godliness.’ Each step of the production process must be implemented with the utmost care to avoid contamination and spoilage.

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Industrial resin flooring by Advanced Resin Technologies

A Symphony Of Choice: What Are The Different Types Of Resin Flooring?

From epoxy’s strength to polyurethane’s charm to methyl methacrylate’s swift alarm, resin flooring offers businesses a symphony of choice when it comes to a hard-wearing commercial flooring system. In this article, we will wax poetic about the three main types of resin flooring, and how their unique characteristics make each of them an ideal performer on various stages.

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The inside of a food factory that is going to pass its BRC audit due to having a new resin floor installed that is durable and easy to keep clean

Avoid Scrutiny And Ace Your BRC Audit With Our Resin Factory Flooring

The BRC’s (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety is the golden benchmark for UK food processing and distribution businesses, requiring businesses to demonstrate a documented food safety quality management system and established environmental controls throughout their factory environment. A BRC certificate is a strong indication of consumer protection and legal compliance, and to achieve certification, businesses must undergo a stringent independent BRC food safety audit to demonstrate adherence to the required standards.

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A gorgeously colourful and incredibly clean resin flooring that is perfectly suited for use in the food industry.

The Food Industry And Epoxy Resin Flooring: A Match Made In Heaven

Maintaining a hygienic environment in a food production facility is of the utmost importance. The Food Standards Agency requires all UK food businesses to ensure that hygiene levels are sustained at a high level across all production and storage areas – including warehouses, factories, storerooms, laboratories, commercial kitchens, and so on.

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