When choosing flooring for commercial and industrial spaces, durability and longevity are often the priorities. For years, hardwearing concrete has been a popular choice, particularly in industrial spaces such as workshops, warehouses, and garages, while epoxy resin flooring is more often seen in hospitals, shops, and commercial kitchens.

Because of new manufacturing techniques and more attractive finishes, epoxy flooring is rapidly becoming the flooring material of choice for contemporary interiors in both commercial and industrial settings. While the initial cost may seem higher than traditional options, the long-term benefits of epoxy flooring make it a wise financial choice, the reasons for which we’ll outline in this article.

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1. Resistance And Durability

A key advantage of epoxy flooring is its exceptional resistance and durability. Able to withstand a continual flow of machinery, footfall, and even chemical exposure without exhibiting signs of wear and tear, epoxy resin floors can last untainted for years. With a programme of proper care and maintenance, the need for frequent replacements can be eliminated, reducing costs and avoiding disruptions to business operations.

2. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is incredibly easy to maintain, contributing to its long-term value. Laid seamlessly with no joins that can widen or crack over time, the flooring is immune to the common problems that affect other floor surfaces, such as flaking, peeling, or chipping. Additionally, epoxy floors are easy to clean, requiring only simple sweeping and occasional mopping, making them a low-maintenance option that can save on costly cleaning services.

3. Reduces Machinery Damage

In industrial and commercial settings, machinery and equipment can be prone to damage from uneven or rough surfaces. Epoxy flooring provides a smooth and seamless surface that can help to reduce the wear and tear experienced by trolleys, forklifts, and other critical machinery. Less wear and damage to equipment means a longer lifespan and, ultimately, lower repair and replacement bills, as well as higher levels of productivity.

4. Chemical Resistance

Many industrial and commercial settings involve the use of harsh chemicals which can compromise the integrity of traditional flooring materials. Epoxy resin, however, is designed to withstand exposure to chemicals without suffering damage. Effective chemical resistance not only enhances safety but also eliminates the need for frequent replacements due to chemical-related deterioration.

How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost?

The cost of epoxy flooring in the UK depends on several factors, such as the size of the floor, the thickness of the resin, and the inclusion of special additives, for example to reduce the risks of slips or to create an eye-catching design. Larger areas often result in a lower cost per square metre because the resin is mixed and installed on-site, allowing for better efficiency. Because no two epoxy resin flooring projects are the same, it is best to contact an experienced installer, such as ARTIL, who can provide you with an accurate and detailed quotation.

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