First impressions count when it comes to your home’s curb appeal, and having a well-maintained driveway is not only good for your property’s market value but is also a reflection of the overall image of your home. Investing in a resin bound driveway is an affordable and long-lasting solution to boost the curb appeal of your property and one that is sure to gain approving nods from neighbours, friends, and visitors alike.

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So, what is a resin bound driveway and what makes them a better option than good old-fashioned gravel, concrete, or block paving?

What Is A Polyurethane Resin Driveway?

A resin bound driveway is made of a combination of natural gravel and stone aggregates and UV-resistant polymers. The application process is beautifully simple. The aggregate is first mixed with a building-grade UV stable polyurethane resin and is then applied to the driveway area with a trowel, resulting in a smooth and uniform driveway with the attractiveness of gravel and durability that exceeds that of concrete or tarmac.

This is good news for homeowners who are attracted to the visual appeal of gravel but are put off by its downsides. Gravel driveways are notoriously high maintenance, prone to developing bare patches and puddles after wet weather, and often causing wheelspin on sloping driveways. A resin bound driveway has none of these drawbacks. Once the aggregate/resin mixture has cured, that’s it – it forms a strong and compact surface that retains its durability and appearance for decades.

Benefits Of Resin Bound Driveways

Let’s look at the main benefits of resin bound driveways, with a special focus on curb appeal.

1. Weather Resistant

Hard-wearing polyurethane resin driveways are designed to withstand cold and wet winters and baking hot summers without losing their inner strength or appearance, and as they are resistant to UV rays, they won’t fade or discolour over time.

2. Value For Money

How much does a resin bound driveway cost? The cost of your new driveway will depend on various factors, such as the type of aggregates you choose, the size of the area that needs paving, the complexity of your design, and the preparation requirements for the existing surface. The cost of a resin driveway will always be bespoke to you, with the overall figure including materials, labour, and installation. Long-term, resin driveways are low maintenance, durable, and cost-effective, with minimal upkeep needed.

3. Permeable

Resin bound driveways are water-permeable and allow water and air to permeate freely through the surface, which reduces standing water and prevents flooding. It also means that, unlike concrete driveways, rain won’t eat away at your surface and cause it to develop pits and cracks over time, which helps sustain its visual appeal and save you money on maintenance.

4. Curb Appeal!

As we are talking about visual style here, resin bound driveways are incredibly versatile to the character and feel of your home, as they are available in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, and are compatible with an extensive range of stone and gravel aggregates.

5. Long-Lasting

How long do resin driveways last? The good news is that a professionally laid resin bound driveway is extremely tough and can last up to 25 years, requiring only the occasional jet washing and brush down for maintenance. This makes them more durable and less prone to degradation than most traditional driveways. Of course, the lifespan of your driveway will depend on the quality of installation and maintenance: we recommend choosing your installation partner carefully and selecting a contractor with proven experience of resin bound driveway installations at residential properties.

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