What characteristics make a great car workshop floor? For starters it needs to be strong enough to stand up to the movement of vehicles and heavy machinery. Then it needs to be easy to clean. It also needs to be safe for vehicles and employees without causing a slip hazard – and it needs to be resistant to oil, fuel, and brake fluid so that it doesn’t damage the surface.

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For these reasons, most car workshops opt for a concrete floor. It’s cheap to lay, hard wearing, and easy enough to maintain – but is there a better option?

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of one of the best alternative flooring solutions available for car garages: industrial resin flooring. Perhaps surprisingly, a workshop resin flooring system fulfils all the requirements you need from a car workshop floor, providing better value and performance than concrete.

Tough And Built To Last

Epoxy resin floors are not simply designed to look pretty but are just as tough as concrete when it comes to durability and impact resistance. An industrial-grade resin floor will have ample load-bearing capacity to handle heavy machinery, vehicle movements, impacts, and dropped tools, without cracking or denting under strong loads. Epoxy floors also retain their strength and performance characteristics over time without deteriorating – so that older floors have just as much resistance to damage as newly cured surfaces.

Straightforward To Clean And Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of resin flooring for automotive workshops is that it is easy to keep clean. Spillages can be immediately and easily cleaned up without leaving any unsightly stains, and even caustic materials like brake fluid and oil won’t leave marks if they are washed away quickly. Epoxy resin is also strongly resistant to the chemicals used when servicing and cleaning vehicles – avoiding damage to the flooring. Regularly cleaning your floor with mild detergents and a hose or low powered jet wash will help avoid damage to your floor and stains from grease and engine fluids.

Nonslip Surface

Whether a space is intended for human or vehicle use, having a nonslip surface is critical in a workshop to avoid accidents and damage to property. Car workshop floors can become very dangerous in wet weather when water is brought in on vehicle tyres, and when products become spilt. For this reason, we strongly recommend installing a nonslip surface on your car workshop resin floor. This floor coating contains nonslip aggregates that increase the friction coefficient of the floor, preventing slips, wheel spins, and falls, and minimising the risk of work-related accidents. Although natural epoxy can be slippery when wet, a treated flooring system has superb grip potential, exceeding the safety rating of most alternatives.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Colours And Designs

Finally, epoxy resin is a great choice for your workshop because it can be customised with a wide variety of designs and colours, making it easier to create a distinctive and visually appealing workspace, while also ensuring that employees can see any potential danger zones. For example, brightly coloured areas can be used to highlight pedestrian footpaths, waiting areas, and vehicle maintenance spaces, and danger areas can be integrated into the design, too, making it a safer environment for both employees and customers.

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