Commercial epoxy resin flooring can now be seen in various business premises, from warehouses and factories to offices and hospitals, but what about retail resin flooring? Does epoxy resin have a place in British shops, supermarkets, and shopping centres as well?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Some retailers steer clear of resin flooring because of the perceived expense and the idea that it could pose a slip hazard to pedestrians, but in reality, resin flooring is a perfect option for retail businesses in all niches and offers a safe and enjoyable experience for your foot traffic heroes, too.

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Let’s look at the main advantages of epoxy resin as a viable retail flooring system.

1. Anti-Slip And Anti-Static Properties For Maximum Customer Safety

The safety of customers is always a top priority for retail business, and so one of the main benefits of epoxy resin retail flooring is its exceptional anti-slip and anti-static properties. Okay, a pure epoxy resin floor can be as slippery as glass when wet, but through simple additives mixed in with the resin at the installation stage, a retail resin floor can be given a friction-enhancing texture, helping prevent slips and trips that can lead to accidents or injuries in a busy shopping environment. Resin flooring can also be configured to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from foot traffic, which is a serious concern for electronic goods retailers, and also helps prevent static electric shocks to customers.

2. Quick And Easy Installation For Minimal Downtime

Installing a laminate floor can be a labour of love in a large shop or supermarket, necessitating extensive downtime and disruption over many days or even weeks. In comparison, many epoxy resin flooring systems are extremely quick and efficient when it comes to installation, with self-smoothing floors capable of being laid in a matter of hours. The biggest inconvenience you’ll face is the curing time, and although most epoxies are touch dry within 12 to 24 hours and are suitable for light foot traffic from this time, the flooring won’t be fully hardened until at least 72 hours after installation. For this reason, many retail businesses schedule the installation of a resin flooring system to coincide with a renovation or routine refit, in order to avoid unplanned disruption to their business.

3. Durability And Longevity For Cost-Effective Flooring Management

Epoxy resin retail flooring is an excellent long-term investment for retailers, requiring little in the way of ongoing costs and being exceptionally easy to keep clean. The material’s inherent durability and resistance to water ingress, chemicals, abrasions, and impacts mean that you won’t have to replace it as often as traditional flooring materials – e.g., laminate, which is notoriously easy to damage. Consequently, a resin floor reduces both the time and money required for lifetime maintenance and repairs, translating into increased retail productivity and profitability.

4. Low Maintenance Requirements For Hassle-Free Floor Care

One of the biggest advantages of resin flooring in a retail environment is its low upkeep requirements. Resistant to spills, scuffs from shoes, stains, and scratches, these floors are easy to keep looking clean and fresh for decades. Aside from routine sweeping and mopping, and jet washing when required, your hassle-free resin retail flooring will continue looking as impressive as the day it was installed, with no fading or discolouration, adding to the overall appeal of your retail space.

5. Customisable For Retail Businesses And Brands

Retail branding is an essential part of the customer shopping experience in high streets and shopping centres and is the key to creating memorable and positive brand associations. As a retail flooring solution, therefore, resin flooring wins points for being highly customisable to a range of designs, configurations, and branding options, helping bring your brand identity to life right under the customer’s feet with a wide array of custom colours and finishes.

Next Steps

Retail resin flooring is growing in popularity among UK retailers, with a roster of early adopters including Tesco, Budgens, and H&M. A retail flooring system makes light work of heavy foot traffic and wear and tear and takes little effort to maintain, while sustaining a first-class experience throughout its life-cycle. To find out more about resin flooring and its benefits to your business, please get in touch with one of the specialists at Advanced Resin Technologies (International) today.

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