Epoxy resin flooring is growing in popularity among UK gyms, sports clubs, and leisure centres for several very good reasons, which we will explain in this article. From both the customer’s perspective and the perspective of your business, a professionally installed resin floor is the perfect way to ‘resin the game’(sorry!) in terms of service delivery and customer experience.

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1. Safety

The flooring solution you choose plays a key role in keeping your customers safe as they exercise. Epoxy resin gym floors can be treated with an anti-slip additive that makes it ideal in a crowded and hectic gym environment, in which customers are preoccupied with their own space and may not be mindful of others. The increased friction that comes with an anti-slip coating makes it less likely that accidents will occur owing to spilt drinks, sweat, and water brought in from showers and outdoors. Slippery floor surfaces can be extremely dangerous in leisure centres and during exercise classes, but a customisable epoxy resin floor system provides the necessary grip for worry-free workouts.

2. Easy Cleaning And Chemical Resistance

Many gyms are cleaned on a seemingly continuous cycle for hygiene reasons, especially post-Covid, and so any flooring system installed in a public or exercise area must be straightforward to clean and resistant to commercial cleaning agents without incurring damage. An epoxy resin floor system takes the hassle out of cleaning through its excellent chemical resistance, allowing easier maintenance and a more hygienic exercise environment. Its non-porous and seamless surface also prevents grime, dirt, and bacteria from taking hold, avoiding potential health hazards, and helping prevent stains.

3. Durability And Resistance To Damage

Heavy gym equipment and frequent foot traffic can place a heavy load on traditional laminate and wooden flooring options, necessitating frequent repairs and replacement. Flooring can easily be cracked by a dropped dumbbell or weakened by a succession of intense Zumba classes! Epoxy resin flooring is a strong and durable flooring solution that not only resists common wear and tear concerns but is also capable of withstanding sudden impacts and resisting damage and scratches from equipment.

4. Straightforward Installation Process

As a gym facilities owner or manager, you’ll want to avoid disruption to your business for any upgrades during peak times, so you’ll be pleased to know that epoxy resin flooring boasts a relatively fast and straightforward installation process. A sports grade epoxy resin or polyurethane flooring system consists of several layers, including a base screed, primer, liquid rubber layer (for comfort), and topped by a base coat, body coat, and a clear hard topcoat for optimal resistance to damage. These can all be installed over large areas systematically at a time of your convenience in order to minimise downtime, and many commercial resin floors are fully usable within 72 hours of curing.

5. Customer Comfort

Many sports-grade commercial resin flooring systems are not only heavy-duty but also provide a cushioned underfoot experience to improve comfort while exercising. This reduces stress on customers’ joints and improves the workout experience, lowering the risk of injury and fatigue, and keeping customers coming back to the gym day after day!

Gym Flooring Solutions From Advanced Resin Technologies (International)

Our retail commercial flooring systems are fully customisable to the requirements of gyms, sports venues, and leisure centres, with low maintenance costs and extensive versatility in design and customisation options. To find out more about the benefits of resin flooring as a safe and long-lasting flooring solution for your gym, please contact us today.

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