Resin driveways are still comparatively rare in the UK, but a growing number of homeowners are getting wise to their long-term benefits as an alternative to concrete, gravel, pebble driveways, or paving. Investing in a resin driveway will save you significant time in repairs and maintenance – saving you hundreds of hours of work (and £££££s in contractor fees) – and will keep looking good year after year, regardless of the effects of weather, sun, and usage. Here are a few handy tips for keeping your resin driveway looking at its best:

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Weed Control

Concrete and paved driveways are notorious for springing up weeds within a couple of short years of installation. This makes resin driveways a great choice for homeowners who want to steer away from the constant battle against weed growth. Resin driveways are extremely weed resistant. Nevertheless, occasionally weeds can still sometimes sneak their way up through the tiny gaps in your driveway. If this happens, pulling out the plant at the root is the best way from keeping them returning. We recommend avoiding using strong weedkillers on your resin driveway as they may discolour the resin.

Regular Sweeping

All you need to do to keep your resin driveway free of dust, weeds, and leaves is a good sturdy broom. Sweeping your driveway every few weeks will go a long way to ensuring that it remains clean and weed free, and can also help curtail the growth of moss, which can loosen the resin over time. Use a stiff brush to get rid of autumnal leaves, and any other items that can accumulate on your driveway.

Removing Tyre Marks

As much as we try to avoid driving in the same spot every time, tyre marks are inevitable on a resin driveway. The risk of tyre marks can be reduced by avoiding steering your wheels in a stationary position. However, when marks do occur, cleaning resin driveways is extremely easy. Most light tyre marks can be wiped away in moments with white spirit, and then washed down with a light jet wash/hose and emulsifier.

Removing Dirt And Dust

Dirt, stains, and bird droppings can also be removed by hose or jet wash, restoring the clean and sparkling appearance of your resin driveway. If necessary, you can use a light jet wash at low pressure, and a mild detergent solution. Avoid high pressure settings, which can sometimes cause damage to the resin surface, and we recommend using a low to moderate water temperature.

Fast Stain Removal

Spillages of chemicals, oil, and fuel are also routine hazards on any driveway – and resin has the benefit of having naturally high resistance to these corrosive substances. They can, however, stain the resin surface if you’re not careful, so as soon as you detect a stain on your driveway, it’s important to act quickly. Don’t panic. Generally, a bucket of warm and soapy water solution is sufficient to remove stains left on the resin – simply scrub at the remaining stain using a soft brush and then thoroughly wash it down with water.

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Our stylish resin driveways are extremely easy to keep clean and maintained, and as they are not permeable, do not become damaged by rain, ice, and seasonal weather fluctuations. If you are interested in finding out more or would like to request a quote, please contact one of our resin driveways specialists by clicking here.

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