Not even the most ardent dog lover will suggest that their canine friends are anything other than messy. As much as we love our dogs, there’s no getting around the mud tracked in from dirty paws, the unmentionables rolled in on the field, the waste products, and the drinks, water bowls, and food items upset by excitedly wagging tails. Dogs are messy animals, and especially so when they are puppies.

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Professional dog kennels, therefore, have quite a job on their hands to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for their canine guests. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of epoxy resin flooring for dog kennels, and how it can save time and money on cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to clean – epoxy dog kennel flooring is easy to clean, so that mud, ‘accidents’, and spillages can quickly be removed using only household detergent and warm water. Epoxy kennel flooring can also be jet washed at low pressure without affecting the quality or integrity of the flooring. Clean your kennel floor as many times a day as you need to in order to keep your area safe, and it won’t affect either the performance or longevity of your flooring system. (Compare this to concrete, which can easily become damaged over time by pressure washers and cleaning chemicals.)

Resistant and durable – excited dogs with sharp claws can quickly damage a traditional flooring system, making a mockery of tiles, linoleum, and even concrete. Epoxy resin flooring has a welcome resistance to scratches from claws and teeth, sustaining the glossy and professional appearance of your floor and meaning that you don’t have to replace or maintain it as frequently.

Hygienic – the low hygiene awareness of dogs can make it difficult for kennel owners to maintain safety and cleanliness standards, with the ever-present risk of diseases and parasites spreading between dogs during their stay at the facility. This is one of the appeals of resin flooring for dog kennels – its seamless smooth surface is not hospitable for microorganisms, fleas, and lice, so they are less likely to hop from dog to dog. As a nonporous material, epoxy also creates an impenetrable barrier for liquids and waste materials, preventing them from seeping into the surface below and causing a hygiene hazard. Over time, this will also help you keep your kennel fresh and odour free, providing a welcoming environment for customers and their dogs on arrival.

Animal friendly – untreated epoxy resin floors can be extremely slippery when wet, potentially causing an injury risk for active animals. However, epoxy dog resin flooring can be treated with animal friendly slip resistant materials to avoid your dogs and employees from slipping on the flooring. Our anti-slip dog kennel floor coatings contain no formaldehyde and release no odours or VOCs after installation, keeping your animals and staff safe from strong smelling chemicals.

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