When you’re choosing a contractor to lay industrial resin flooring, there are many tried-and-tested things you can do to make an informed decision. Recommendations, testimonials, and photographs of completed projects all tell their own story, but speaking personally to the contractor – and asking the right questions – can give you greater confidence that you’re investing your business’s money wisely.

So, to avoid making a costly mistake that you later regret, what are the key questions to ask a contractor before hiring them for your resin flooring project?

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What Is The Process For Preparing The Existing Surface Before Installing The Resin Flooring?

Noone wants to spend money on a new floor that fails prematurely, so proper surface preparation is crucial for a successful installation. The existing surface must be thoroughly cleaned, repaired if needed, and properly profiled to ensure correct adhesion of the resin system. Any contaminants or loose materials can compromise the bond and lead to premature failure of the resin flooring.

What Specific Resin Flooring Products Will Be Used And What Are Their Benefits?

The type of resin flooring must be carefully matched to the specific conditions of the workplace environment and the needs of your business. For example, if you are replacing a commercial kitchen floor, the new resin floor must withstand intense heat or hot splashes. In the foyer of a public building, resin flooring must contain an anti-slip additive to minimise the risk of accidents. Ask how the resin flooring will be a good match and whether the contractor sources resins from different suppliers: the more choice the contractor has, the more likely he will select a resin that meets your business’s needs.

How Long Will The Resin Flooring Take To Install – And Cure?

This is a critical question as it will help you to plan for potential disruption to your business’s operations and mitigate possible losses. If you do not have a clear understanding of how long the project will take, you could find that key parts of your business premises are out of action just when you need access to them. Downtime is the enemy of productivity, so making alternative arrangements is essential to maintain business continuity.

What Is Included In The Warranty For The Resin Flooring Installation, And What Are The Terms And Conditions?

Resin flooring is renowned for its durability and resilience, but there’s more to a warranty than its length. The warranty may be invalidated if you don’t maintain the floor in a specified way, so ensure you understand your responsibilities after installation to prevent the floor from experiencing premature deterioration.

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