Transforming industrial and commercial premises with Resdev flooring.

ARTi are expert approved installers of Resdev resin flooring, which offers outstanding durability, resilience, and safety for a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Our team of professional, manufacturer-approved installers are available around the clock, anywhere in the UK and even beyond, to provide you with a dependable and cost-efficient service that meets your project deadlines.

Whether you are undertaking a comprehensive refurbishment of an existing property or constructing a newbuild from scratch, our robust and long-lasting Resdev epoxy resin flooring solutions are ideal for high-intensity applications or those in which hygiene and safety are priorities.

What are the benefits of Resdev flooring?


Resdev is a highly versatile flooring solution that is suitable for different industrial and commercial settings, and is effective even in challenging conditions, such as chemical production and food and beverage manufacturing.


Ideal for the most hostile industrial environments, Resdev epoxy resin floors can withstand intense cleaning, heat, impacts, and chemical exposure, ensuring longevity and optimum performance.

Anti-slip properties 

Resdev flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas as it is designed to reduce slips and trips by offering effective traction for pedestrians and wheeled equipment.

Antimicrobial properties 

Resdev inhibits microbial growth, making it a hygienic option for industries in which cleanliness is a priority, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food production, and animal health.

Rapid curing 

Resdev’s rapid curing time makes it an ideal solution for projects with tight deadlines, reducing downtime and disruptions by enabling premises to be returned to normal usage as quickly as possible.

A sustainable solution 

Resdev epoxy resin flooring uses responsibly sourced materials with minimal toxic substances to mitigate the environmental impact and reduce the need for repairs or refurbishment during its lifespan.


Food and beverage manufacture and preparation
Hospitals and pharmacies
Chemical processing
Schools and universities
Car parks

ARTi: your first-choice for Resdev epoxy resin flooring installation

Reliable service

At ARTI, our reliable service is underpinned by our extensive experience of installing Resdev floors across the UK for a variety of industries and applications.

Round-the-clock service 

Our 24/7 availability means you can arrange for your Resdev installation at a time to suit, meeting your project’s deadlines and minimising the impact on your business’s operations.

Nationwide coverage

At ARTI, we’re not bound by geographical restrictions but offer UK-wide and overseas coverage to ensure you have access to the highest standards of Resdev installation.

A rapid response 

When time is short, you can rely on ARTI to respond quickly to your needs, with a prompt and accurate quotation and expert advice to ensure the best epoxy resin flooring is installed on your premises.

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