ARTI are specialist Flowcrete approved contractors, offering outstanding professionalism with every epoxy resin flooring installation. With round-the-clock service and a nationwide reach, our experienced team delivers effective and long-lasting solutions, making us the first-choice for all your needs, from Flowcrete industrial flooring to car park flooring.


Flowcrete is a premium-grade epoxy resin flooring solution that is renowned for its versatility and durability in arduous settings. With its unique formulation and application techniques, Flowcrete delivers seamless, high-quality flooring solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of busy industrial and commercial spaces. By choosing Flowcrete, you will invest in reliable and hardwearing flooring that is equally vibrant and attractive.


Anti-Slip Properties

The wellbeing of staff and customers is non-negotiable, so Flowcrete improves safety in high-traffic areas, reducing slips and falls. Available in a range of textures, Flowcrete epoxy flooring enhances underfoot traction without compromising on its cleanability or appearance.

Antimicrobial Features 

Flowcrete promotes exceptional hygiene by inhibiting microbial growth, making it ideal for the healthcare and food industries. With an integral antimicrobial agent, Flowcrete meets the ISO 22196 standard for preventing or disrupting bacterial growth on treated surfaces.

Fast Curing 

Rapid curing minimises downtime and enables projects to be quickly completed to reduce disruption. Flowcrete offers unrivalled curing times of only 60 minutes, meaning you can resume normal operations in no time at all.

A Sustainable Solution

Flowcrete is manufactured from materials that have been responsibly sourced, manufactured, and distributed, with minimal or no toxic substances. With a long life cycle, the environmental cost of repairs and refurbishment is also minimised.


Epoxy resin floors are among the most durable, making them ideal for challenging industrial environments or settings with a high footfall. With proper care, Flowcrete will last for many years, even when subjected to intense cleaning, impacts, or chemical splashes.


Suitable for various environments, Flowcrete is the ideal choice for challenging setting, including industrial facilities, car parks, and commercial kitchens. 


  • Reliable service: At ARTI, we provide a consistent and dependable service that is backed by our broad expertise of installing Flowcrete floors for a variety of customers.
  • Extensive experience: Our highly skilled and experienced team ensures expert delivery of Flowcrete installations, guaranteeing quality outcomes upon which you can rely.
  • 24/7 availability: Our round-the-clock service ensures expert support whenever needed and means we can fit in with your schedule to meet the needs of your business.
  • Nationwide reach: At ARTI, distance is no obstacle: we offer extensive geographical coverage across the UK and beyond, ensuring accessibility for various projects.
  • A fast response: When time is of the essence, you can rely on us to respond quickly and efficiently to address your enquiries and keep you updated about project progress.


If you would like to find out more about our Flowcrete resin flooring installation, please get in touch with ARTI to book a free product demonstration or to request a no-obligation quotation for your next project.