High-quality and durable epoxy resin flooring for a variety of applications.

As an approved Altro flooring contractor, ARTi install high-quality and durable epoxy resin floors for different applications, including healthcare facilities, engineering plants, manufacturing sites, transport hubs, and commercial kitchens. Altro flooring solutions offer unrivalled resilience and safety in even the most challenging of environments, giving you confidence that your organisation will benefit from exceptional long-term performance and a healthy return on its investment.

Why choose ARTI for your Altro flooring installation

Dependable service

Investing in an Altro epoxy resin floor is a wise decision, but it is important to choose an installer who will complete the project to meet your organisation’s needs. Our team of installers has years of experience fitting epoxy resin floors and an innovative approach to problem-solving, so you can be confident that the project will be completed on-time and to a high standard.

24/7 service 

Our installers are available to undertake Altro resin flooring installation at a time to suit you. We’ll liaise with you throughout your newbuild or refurbishment project to ensure that you aren’t left waiting when you are ready for the floor to be installed, minimising disruption to your operations and inconvenient downtime.

Free quotations and product demonstrations 

When you are investing in Altro epoxy resin flooring for the first time, you need to be confident that you’re spending your money wisely. We offer a free product demonstration so you can learn more about epoxy resin flooring, with a full detailed quote giving you certainty about your costs.

Nationwide coverage 

Our team is available to work with customers in any part of the UK, or even beyond, with distance no obstacle to providing you with the high-quality flooring solutions that your organisation needs.

All work guaranteed 

We offer a comprehensive and watertight guarantee on all of our Altro installations so, in the highly unlikely event that you experience any problems with your flooring, your costs are covered.

About Altro epoxy resin flooring

Altro have been developing durable and eye-catching flooring solutions for more than a century, and are a leading manufacturer of versatile and hardwearing epoxy resin for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Altro epoxy resin flooring is a seamless and flexible solution that blends practicality with aesthetic appeal, introducing a range of colours and styles to different environments without compromising on durability or safety.

From hostile industrial environments to decorative public areas, epoxy resin delivers outstanding results, achieving exceptional performance and economy no matter what the flooring is subjected to. This makes Altro flooring a perfect choice for any setting, backed by ARTI’s professional installation service.

The benefits of Altro resin flooring

Slip resistance to reduce the likelihood of accidents in areas of high footfall.
Microbial resistance to maintain hygiene standards in sensitive areas.
Durability to resist the wear of footfall, heavy machinery, and wheeled vehicles.
Easy cleaning to ensure that debris, dirt, and spillages can be quickly cleaned up without causing damage to the epoxy resin surface.
Eco-friendly manufacture to reduce the impact on the environment.
Customisation options including a range of colours to help you to create a powerful visual effect without compromising on performance.


To find out more about Altro commercial flooring or to request a free, no-obligation demonstration to see the benefits of Altro for your business, please get in touch with ARTi today.